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Rave Reviews

This cookbook is great for both kids and their parents.
The first time my 5-year-old son opened the cookbook he was entranced by the beautiful paintings of the Fun Foodie Friends’ faces. His favorite is Señor Sammy Salsa. He feels empowered by this cookbook to be his own ‘Master Chef’ and to be a part of preparing a meal with me. He can figure out all the ingredients needed to make each dish just by looking at the paintings (so this is perfect for those kids still learning how to read. In fact, it can help them!). My son flipped through the cookbook and figured out which recipe he wanted to be in charge of. He picked Señor Sammy Salsa and we were off to the store with the book in his hands. He was able to go to the produce section and find all the ingredients needed. The recipe called for a bell pepper, which he doesn’t like (at least that is what he thought). He was happy that he could choose the bell pepper HE wanted and even picked two different kinds just to try them! I was shocked because I have tried to get him to taste a bell pepper for so long. We came home and instantly made the salsa and it was delicious! He was so proud of himself.

From a parent’s point of view this cookbook is a win-win. My son not only is involved in cooking but it’s healthy! This cookbook gave me a different way to introduce fruits and vegetables to him successfully. I have no hesitations in handing this cookbook to my son and say ‘pick anything you want to make.’ It is getting him involved in the kitchen and getting him to eat different things. Thank you Elaine, and Joyce, for your hard work and making healthy food fun for all involved!”
– Melissa Barger

“Thank you, Elaine Callahan and Joyce Kesler, for such a unique and special cookbook for ALL AGES to enjoy! It was my gift for all the children on my Christmas list and for a few adults as well because it is a gift that is fun, special, unique, educational, useful and a great bargain! I am a pediatrician and I see over and over again how healthy eating is challenging for many children and adults. Many people do not have a healthy relationship with food and sometimes believe that eating healthy can’t be yummy or fun. Well, this cookbook debunks that belief! It makes cooking a healthy snack or meal a fun experience for children and adults. Too often, when we think of cooking with kids, we think of making cookies or cupcakes or some other yummy but not-so-healthy recipe. This cookbook makes it easy to shift that mindset to better choices that are also fun and yummy! In addition, the instructions and safety features are thorough and thoughtful and pleased my pediatric sensibility for preventing accidents. I have received so many heartfelt notes of thanks from the kids and parents who received the cookbook and lots of fun stories of their experiences cooking together. Thank you again!”
– M. Bailey

“My family loves this book! It’s the first cookbook to really engage my 10-year-old and the illustrations are so gorgeous, I’m tempted to frame each one! In the meantime, we are using the book often and loving each turn of the page. As a wellness coach and parent, I love the healthy ingredients and the colorful, inviting layout makes it a pleasure from beginning to end. I highly recommend this cookbook, especially for picky eaters!”
– Emily Soares Proctor

“Fun Foodie Friends was a great way for me as a teacher to bring families together. I used five of the non-cook recipes for a family literacy night in my classroom of 4th graders. If you are looking for a mess-free, perfect-product evening, this is not the way to go. If you want interaction between parents and children and everyone having a great time, then Fun Foodie Friends is a great tool. Kids were reading the recipes, measuring out the ingredients, and parents were assisting all evening. This situation is quite a bit different than working in your kitchen at home, but no less fun. Lots of hands, all wanting to help out, and giggles galore. Parents loved the healthy snack ideas and allergy kids could enjoy the fruits of their labor (pun intended) as well. I raffled off four that night. Fun Foodie Friends is a great book for fun parent/child interaction and the recipes taste good too!”
– Nancy Schnelli

“My two elementary-aged daughters and I look forward to every chance we can get to pull out this beautiful book full of creative ideas that fill their tummies with healthy, delicious foods. They can’t believe what they can help create. We all giggle at the characters Ms. Callahan has created by arranging the recipe ingredients into quirky animals and faces whose personalities actually seem to jump off the page. (We especially love the frog picture made out of cucumbers and Princess Vivien whose entire face and hair are designed out of the ingredients for her healthy vegetable soup – you have to see it to believe it!)
Our local schools teach the kids a lot about nutrition and the value of eating fresh, home-made foods. Those lessons are meaningless unless we reinforce them at home with recipes and activities like these. The best part of this book for me as a mom: quality time engaged with my kids doing something that both educates them and empowers them in the kitchen.
Besides all of that, the ART is absolutely frame-able and I will be contacting the illustrator to see if it is available apart from the book. Since enjoying my own copy I have purchased five more and look forward to giving this as a gift to children and adults alike (especially grandparents!).”
– Christine Sawyer

“I was traveling to Connecticut to visit my 9- and 12-year-old grandkids, and knowing we would be inside since it was snowing, I decided Fun Foodie Friends would be a focus for an enjoyable visit. Top priority was to have a fun time together, but I wanted to teach them some life skills in the process.
When shopping, I bought lots of fruits and veggies, displayed the book and made a beautiful assortment for the girls to choose from as they came in from school. It made a creative way for them to unwind from their school day and a snack. We made a cooking video of our fun time using this book. The girls would pick out the picture that they wanted to recreate, then the carving and chopping would begin; this was a teachable moment with kitchen tools which the book assists with. Bella made the cute ladybug apple and Sophia made the apple recipe. The sweet potato elephant picture baked into wedges was so delicious, we made it twice that week. How proud I was of the girls artwork as they created characters from the book, transforming them into our meal for the entire family. The book was perfect for empowering the girls to choose a healthier lifestyle.”

– Deborah Shaw


Giving Back

Fun Foodie Friends donates a portion of every sale to DonorsChoose.org to help support children’s education and the unsung Super Heroes – their teachers! Learn more about the inspiration on why DonorsChoose.org.