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Elaine Callahan

Elaine Callahan is a graphic designer/brand strategist and an artist with a passion for painting food and a quirky sense of humor. She’s combined her love of food and art – and mixed in her experience as a graphic designer – to create fun food friends that come alive with personality and recipes that are easy to make and enjoy.

She is an award-winning artist and a signature member of the Georgia Watercolor Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, and the Southern Watercolor Society. One of her paintings in the Fun Foodie Friends cookbook, America the Fruitiful, was selected as part of the American Watercolor Society’s 146th Annual International Exhibition.

She also has a long history of playing with her food. From having fun with her favorite childhood buddy, Mr. Potatohead, to making an animated short film featuring food-based characters in college, she always appreciated the interesting perspective working with food can bring. However, her diagnosis with celiac in 2007 and the need to change to a gluten-free diet truly transformed her relationship with food. She discovered a new passion – cooking with naturally gluten-free fruits and vegetables – and learned that food is not only beautiful, but has an amazing power to heal as well as connect us all. However, she is still working on becoming friends with peas.

Joyce Kesler

Joyce Kesler loves food and food loves her, which is why she has learned to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into her cooking. Food has been central to her life, and her childhood memories are filled with family and food, especially since her parents were known for their massive dinner parties as owners of a fishing lodge in northern Minnesota. She admits that even the dreaded “no thank you” bite that she was required to take of any new food as a child led her to some pretty amazing food discoveries.

When both her parents and three siblings developed type 2 diabetes, however, she realized her love of food needed to take a healthier turn. She began experimenting with new recipes and re-mixing family favorites by incorporating more fruits and vegetables and reducing fats and sugar. Ever since, Joyce has learned that she can love food, and it can love her back – in a good way. The exception might be eggplant.

Joyce has retired from Fun Foodie Friends, and is off to discover new adventures.

Giving Back

Fun Foodie Friends donates a portion of every sale to DonorsChoose.org to help support children’s education and the unsung Super Heroes – their teachers! Learn more about the inspiration on why DonorsChoose.org.