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Is an Apron a Costume?

Many years ago I read a blog post that asked the question that went something like this: do you wear a costume to help you be more creative?

I laughed at the question and rolled my eyes. Such a silly question!

DSC_0310Then I promptly put on my paint apron and set up my table to paint.

Oops. I realized in that moment I may have just been busted.

I do put an apron on every time I paint and every time I cook. Do I wear one to help me be more creative? Or, do I wear one because I am messy and want to keep my clothes clean? I had to stop and think about it.


Initially, I started wearing aprons as a way to help keep my clothes clean(er), that was true. Somewhere along the way, putting on an apron started to signal my brain and my body to understand the meaning of the apron – now it’s time to paint, now it’s time to cook, now it’s time to be creative and play. Putting on my apron actually shifted something within me to relax and allow myself to have some fun.

My paint apron is much loved, given to me by my sister-in-law B from a now-defunct art place.

This whole process organically lead to creating the aprons for Fun Foodie Friends. They are an invitation to create and connect and have fun in the kitchen, while helping keep your clothes clean! Plus, they are super cute and bring a smile to most people’s faces!


It’s been so rewarding to hear from folks that are enjoying the aprons, and we love seeing the photos that have been sent in. The aprons come in two sizes: the kids’ (short) which has six food friends on it, and the adult apron (long) which has Hoot-Hoot as the main character. Emily Soares Proctor of Traveling Lighter Wellness wears the kids’ size, which she says is perfect for the vertically challenged!

Which came first, the apron or the creativity? Either way, if fun is the first ingredient good and yummy times are sure to follow!

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